Edgewater Growth Capital Partners, L.P. is pleased to announce the recent sale of two of the Fund’s portfolio companies, Wound Care Solutions, LLC (“Wound Care Solutions”) and Sechrist Industries, Inc.(“Sechrist”). Wound Care Solutions is the leading outsourced provider of wound care clinic management services to more than 350 hospitals nationwide. Sechrist is the world’s leading manufacturer of monoplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, a critical piece of equipment in comprehensive wound care centers. Edgewater joined The Jordan Company, L.P. and JZ Capital Partners in this investment.

Wound Care Solutions and Sechrist have expanded through a combination of industry acquisitions and organic growth to become the recognized leaders in highly fragmented and underserved markets. Demand for wound care services has been driven by the rising incidence of patients with chronic wounds, including the elderly and diabetic populations. Both companies were sold to National Healing Corporation and are well-positioned to serve and benefit from continued growth in chronic disease markets.