Phil Pejovich

With over 25+ Years of global P&L experience with blue chip firms including Pentair, Whirlpool and TRW, Phil has developed a broad set of market experiences covering the Flow, Industrial Automation, Electrical, Building Materials, and Aerospace/Defense industries, successfully growing as well as restructuring businesses.

In 2018, Phil formed Flow Control Holdings, LLC with The Edgewater Funds, a holding company consisting of market leading flow component manufacturers serving the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical markets. In addition to his role of CEO at Flow Control Holdings, LLC, Dr. Pejovich is also currently serving as Board Chair for Stihl, Inc, as well as a Board Member at Robroy Industries. Both companies are privately held.

Dr. Pejovich is passionate about STEM and bringing “real life experiences into the classroom”. Having been an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Pejovich taught both growth aspects (Innovation, New Product Development) as well as operational aspects (Supply Chain, Project Management) of businesses to future business leaders.

Phil has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, a Masters from University of Texas at Arlington, and a BSEE from Texas A&M University.